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Duplicate Detection and Candidate Merge
Duplicate Detection and Candidate Merge

Automatically detect duplicate applications and merge existing Candidate profiles

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Defining entities and relations

TalentLyft defines three entities related to the hiring process:

  • Job - A job opening/vacancy

  • Candidate - A person applying for the job

  • Application - Each individual application from one candidate

A candidate profile can have multiple applications associated with it.

Duplicate applications

When a candidate applies multiple times for the same job opening, we consider these as duplicate applications. TalentLyft uses comparison algorithms to automatically detect duplicate applications from the same candidate and merge them into one.
โ€‹NOTE: If you added screening questions to the application form and there is a conflict, meaning that multiple applications contain an answer to the same question, only the answer from the most recent application will remain on the merged application. If only one of the applications contains an answer to a screening question, that answer will remain on the merged application.

Duplicate candidates

There are times when the same candidate applies for multiple different job openings. When this happens, TalentLyft tries to connect each new application with an existing candidate in your talent pool based on certain criteria. When this search yields no results or an exact match isn't found, a new candidate profile is created.

If, however, similarities are detected between two or more candidate profiles, you will be notified about it:

Merging candidate profiles

The process of merging multiple profiles is simple and straightforward. You can review all the profiles that were automatically detected as possible duplicates. If you disagree with the duplicate detection, you can dismiss it and keep separate candidate profiles.
Pick a primary profile that will remain active after the merging is done, and press the Merge button.

NOTE: After the candidate profiles are merged, you cannot unmerge them.

Merged profile

All candidate's applications are available as part of the Applications details:

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