Strategic Reports

If you are a data-driven company, every insight about your hiring process is valuable

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Track the relevant data and use it to improve your hiring process is crucial.

The focus of Strategic reports is on jobs, candidates, and applications in the selected time period.

You can access the Strategic reports screen by clicking on the Analytics icon on your main dashboard and selecting the Strategic reports tab.

You can filter these reports by Job title, Job tags, Location, Department, and the period when an application or a candidate was added to TalentLyft.

The following information is gathered and presented in these reports:

  • Total active jobs number of active jobs in the selected time period

  • Total applications – number of applications received in the specified time period for all active jobs

  • Total candidates – number of candidates that applied in the chosen time period for all active jobs

  • Total hires – number of hires in the selected time period for all active jobs

NOTE: You can see the percentage in relation to the previous time period.
e.g., If you select that you want the report for the last 30 days, those percentages will be in relation to the previous month.

You can see the Hiring funnel, with all the stages of your hiring plan and the total number of candidates in each for the selected period and jobs.

You can also see the total number of disqualifications for the selected jobs for the specified time period.

NOTE: When you click on the circle, you can see all disqualifications with their disqualification reasons.

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