The Career site reports are mainly focused on conversion rates of your page visitors into candidates.

That means you can track the number of visitors for each job page, how many of those visitors started the application, how many of them did not finish the application form, and how many applications you received for the selected jobs in a chosen time period.

The information is divided into the following sections:

  • Page views – total number of views for all the jobs you have posted in the selected time period

  • Visitors – total number of visitors (one visitor can open the page multiple times) for all the jobs you have posted in the specified time period

  • Started application – how many of those page views, started the application

  • Abandon rate – how many of those, who started the application, abandoned it and did not apply for the position, in the end

NOTE: The percentages next to the main values are in relation to the previous time period. If you select the time period for the report to be This month, it will be in relation to the previous month.

The conversion data is displayed, in more detail, on the Job conversions list.
You can see the list of jobs (if selected to view more than one), number of page views for that job posting, number of visitors, how many of them started the application, abandon rate for the started applications, and the number of applications for each job.

NOTE: You can change the listing order by clicking on the arrow next to the value you wish to list.

Besides Career site reports, in TalentLyft, the data is gathered and divided into the following categories:

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