TalentLyft SSO

Make your system more secure and increase team productivity by enabling the SSO feature on your TalentLyft company account

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Single sign-on increases employee productivity by reducing the time they must spend signing on and dealing with passwords. It also allows companies to implement frequent password changes and enforce stringent password policies and define roles and limit users’ access from one place.

Our TalentLyftOIDC app is available on MS Azure's marketplace and you can install it from here.

After you install the app you will also receive your tenantID for the app which you will need to enable SSO on your TalentLyft account.

Please ask your TalenLyft administrator, or one of the administrators, to go to your TalentLyft account, and under App settings, Company settings, open the SSO tab.

As an account administrator, please change the SSO provider to AzureAdOidc and copy your tenantID.

After you have done so, please Activate SSO on your account and Save the changes.

After you click on the Save button, they will need to log out from the account.

The next step for them is to log back in, but now, using SSO.

You will need to copy your TalentLyft subdomain and click Sign In.

If you are not sure about your TalentLyft company subdomain, you can find it in the URL, when you log in to your account.

After you click on the Sign in button, you will be redirected to Microsoft's login screen where you will need to log in using your Microsoft credentials.

This will complete the activation and every user, after that will need to log in via SSO, by copying your TalentLyft subdomain and via the Microsoft login.

Please note that after this, your TalentLyft credentials will no longer work so all your account team members will need to have emails, and accounts, on your Microsoft company account.

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