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Customize your profile's email provider information
Customize your profile's email provider information
Personalize your TalentLyft email and integrate it with Outlook or Gmail.
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One of the things you can adjust in Your settings, in the Profile section, is the Email providers section.

If you want to see how your email looks like to candidates when you are communicating with them through TalentLyft, click on the "Edit" option next to TalentLyft. There you will be able to either just see your email or, if you wish to do so, change the email. The email is automatically created as soon as a new team member is added to your company's account. In case you'd like to make changes to the email, we suggest you come up with a template that will be used by everyone in your company, to achieve uniformity.

Stay tuned for our Outlook and Gmail integrations, those are coming soon!

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