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Privacy Policy

Customer confidence and privacy is critical to everything we do at TalentLyft.

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In case you have any concerns about privacy or your personal information please send us an email to [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible.

1. About TalentLyft

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the General Terms of Use of the TalentLyft Platform and of the website Privacy Policy regulates the collection, storage, and use of personal data of Users and Candidates on the TalentLyft Platform, and of Visitors of

By Users we mean businesses that use our TalentLyft Platform for their recruitment and HR purposes including relevant individuals within such businesses who have been granted access to our TalentLyft Platform, by Candidates individuals that our Users consider for employment and for this purpose use our TalentLyft Platform and by Visitors(anyone who accesses our website

In case you are a Candidate, note that this Privacy Policy does not describe recruitment and how your personal data will be processed during the recruitment. Relevant User who posted relevant job opportunity is in charge of this recruitment process โ€“ please see his/her relevant privacy policy for more information.

2. Personal data

Personal data is every information related to an identified person or a person that can be identified, whether his identity can be determined directly or indirectly, in particular on the basis of an identification number or one or more factors specific to his physical, psychological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

The processing of personal data entails any action or set of actions performed upon personal data, such as collecting, recording, organizing, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, publishing or otherwise making available, alignment, combining, blocking, deletion or destruction and the implementation of logical, mathematical or other operations on that data.

3. Users, Candidates, Visitors


To become a User of the TalentLyft Platform, you have to register. Only registered Users may access and use our TalentLyft Platform. In the registration process, by accepting the General Terms, Users confirm that they are familiar with and have read this Privacy Policy (which is presented to them in addition to the General Terms).

TalentLyft Platform may be used only by businesses for their business needs (and not individuals) and therefore we encourage you to enter only your business (and not personal) contacts and other information.

When registering to TalentLyft Platform, we ask Users for Full name, Company name, Company address, Business E-mail, Business phone number, Headline (job title), Skype name, and Credit Card data. Users may also add their profile images (but this is not mandatory data). The Users are responsible for the accuracy of the entered information. TalentLyft does not actually store Credit Card data. All Credit Card data is stored on Braintree which is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. TalentLyft is not subject to PCI obligations.

While using TalentLyft Platform, we may collect additional User data such as User IP addresses, location data, web browser used, actions Users performed on TalentLyft Platform (log-in and log-out dates and times and other), and cookies (see our Cookie Policy).

The Users may terminate our subscription agreement at any time. In such a case, we will also delete their profiles and any associated personal data.

The data of Users who advertise the need for employment, primarily the job description, requirements that must be met by potential employees, and their contact information, shall be available to all Users and to Visitors of our website.


Users may via TalentLyft Platform process the personal data of their Candidates (individuals who are considered for employment) in their recruitment process. Users initiate and manage these recruitment processes, including the selection of Candidates. TalentLyft has no influence on this processing other than providing Users with various tools within the TalentLyft Platform to make their recruitment process more efficient and organized.

Users are therefore the data controllers with respect to Candidate personal data meaning the ones who control the personal data of Candidates. For example, Users define the level of information that is required to apply for a job offering and how this information will be later processed. Usually, this may include your Full name, Headline (your job title), Address, E-mail, Phone number, Skype name, Education history, Employment history, and CV in free form. You may also add your profile image (but this is not mandatory data). Users may use the TalentLyft Platform to collect additional data related to Candidates based on various pre-employment skills and other assessments.

Personal data of Candidates shall only be available to the relevant registered User for his/her recruitment purposes and not publicly available. In case you are a Candidate, note that this Privacy Policy does not describe recruitment and how your personal data will be processed during the recruitment โ€“ please refer to the privacy policy of the User who published relevant job opportunities for more information.


When accessing website, the Visitor is informed about the cookies. Please review our Cookie Policy.

In case when Visitor downloads marketing materials (E-books, resources, tutorials, guides), additional data is collected and stored: Full name, Headline (your job title), E-mail, Phone number.

4. Legal bases for processing

When processing personal data within TalenLyft Platform we rely on the following:

  • Our subscription agreement. We process personal data to provide Users with access to the TalentLyft Platform, ensure regular availability of the platform and its functionalities, and bill our services to Users.

  • Your consent. In case you added your profile picture, we rely on your separate consent for processing this piece of information.

  • Our legitimate interests. We process personal data when we have legitimate interests to do so for example to ensure secure access to TalentLyft Platform or to inform you about new features, upgrades, maintenance, or other items about TalentLyft Platform. We may also process your personal data to better understand how you use the TalentLyft Platform so that we can offer you an even better experience.

  • Our legal duty. We process personal data when necessary to answer your data subject request or customer complaints.

5. Transfers of personal data

We may share User and Candidate personal data with third parties who act as our subcontractors and who help us run the TalentLyft Platform. These subcontractors are contracted by us to carry out certain activities or provide certain services and are bound to respect your rights as data subjects. Information about our subcontractors is stated on the following page.

6. Data security

Your data is stored in multi-tenant data stores, we do not have individual data stores for each user separately. However strict privacy controls exist in our application code to ensure data privacy and prevent one user from accessing another user's data. We have many units and integration tests in place to ensure these privacy controls work as expected. These tests are run every time our code base is updated and even one single test failing will prevent new code from being shipped to production.

All data sent to or from TalentLyft is encrypted in transit using 256-bit encryption. TalentLyft is served 100% over HTTPS.

7. Right to access and change information

TalentLyft will notify the User/Visitor whether or not his personal data is being collected on the basis of a written request by the User/Visitor and in accordance with the General Terms, the Privacy Policy, and applicable regulations and will enable the User/Visitor to correct or delete entered information. The User/Visitor that wishes to exercise the aforementioned right, may contact TalentLyft by sending an email to the address [email protected].

8. Data deletion

Your personal information will be retained until it is deleted. Your personal information will be deleted on one of the following occurrences:

  • deletion of your personal information by you, the User (or by another person engaged by the User, where you are using the Website and/or Services on behalf of a User).

  • where you are a Candidate, deletion of your personal information by an User (Company) on whose behalf we are processing your personal information

  • a written request by you to us ([email protected])

  • automatically, after 1 year of inactivity upon active subscription expiration or cancellation

If you are a Candidate, any request by you to us to delete your personal information will not result in the deletion of any application submitted by you to a User(Company)(in respect of which we are a data processor and not a data controller). If you require a Company to delete an application, or any other information provided by you to the Company directly, you must contact the Company to request such deletion.

9. Data portability

As stated in article 4. of the General Terms โ€“ all of your data belongs to you. At any time, you can request your data to be exported in whole, and handed over to you in a machine-readable format (JSON).

The data shall be available for export until itโ€™s deleted in accordance with article 9. of this Privacy Policy.

Data export shall be done free of charge.

10. Withdrawal of consent

Where the processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw consent at any time by sending an email to the address [email protected]. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

11. Complaint to a supervisory authority

At any time, you have the right to complain to the competent data protection supervisory authority regarding the processing and protection of your personal data: Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (, [email protected])

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

TalentLyft has the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Any modification of this Privacy Policy will be published on this Website.


Effective: August 2022

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