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Reordering Candidate Information Sections
Reordering Candidate Information Sections

Customize how candidate application information is presented by reordering candidate information sections.

Updated over a week ago

When screening candidate applications, you can select the order in which the information is presented. Application information is presented in sections. You can also hide selected information from the view, making it more easier to find important application information that you are looking for.

To customize the sections list, in the Application tab, click on one of the stages (it can also be an empty stage, with no applications in it).

Scroll to the bottom of the candidate's profile, where you will find the option to reorder the profile selection.

Rearrange the section order of information that is visible in the Application tab and hide the information that doesn’t interest you. To remove a section from the list, click on the eye icon for that section.

NOTE: These changes will apply to all candidates' applications, regardless the candidate and the job.

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