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Evaluate candidates faster with AI (BETA)
Evaluate candidates faster with AI (BETA)

Optimize your evaluation process and focus on the most important information from candidates' CVs to make more informed hiring decisions

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The Smart profile feature is an automatically generated comprehensive candidate profile, which includes important information such as education, work experience, skills, and achievements.

We understand that evaluating resumes and cover letters is an essential part of any recruitment process, as the information you have from candidates’ CVs and cover letters is all you have at first to assess how well they could fit the role and potentially move them further in the process.

This feature will help you optimize your evaluation process, saving you precious time and effort and allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of a candidate's profile.

It also provides insights and analysis of a candidate's profile, helping you make more informed hiring decisions.

NOTE: This feature is still in the closed BETA phase and we are aware of certain mistakes and oversight that the AI could make when scoring CVs

How to enable and use the Smart Profile feature

As the feature is still in development and is currently in the closed BETA phase, you will need to reach out to our support team to activate the feature on your company account.

During the test phase, this feature will be completely free to test to all users interested and we only ask that you provide us with your feedback and suggestions for possible improvements.

Once we activate the feature on your company account each member of that company account will have the option to see the Smart Profile the same as for regular Profile sections using the Reorder profile section option.

Open one random application, go to the Application tab, scroll to the bottom, and click on the Reorder profile section option.

Find the Smart Profile section on the list of available sections and click on the View icon if it isn’t already turned on.

NOTE: This new section will also be included in the list of sections that you can reorder to set up your own custom view.

Once you have the section visible on your Application view, it will look like this:

With the new feature enabled, you can also sort your candidates within a stage by their Match score.

Closed BETA disclaimer

We are aware of some of the limitations with the current version as we are working on improving the feature before the final release.

We are aware of the following:

  • The Smart Profile will not parse 30%-40% of resumes;

  • if sorting candidates by Match score, those without smart profile information available will be put at the bottom as the worst-matched candidates for that job;

  • for some junior roles, as the candidates don't have prior work experience, it would be better to use assessments to evaluate them for those roles

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for potential updates and improvements!

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