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Help - Accessing Additional Information
Updated over a week ago

To access additional information about TalentLyft, our terms and policies or to ask us a question, simply click on the Help icon, which is located on the upper right side of your dashboard.

Ask a question will open a chat window. That way, you can contact us directly, via Intercom chat. The same can be done by clicking on the chat icon.

You can access our help center. Here you can search for relevant articles that can help you if you encounter any problems when using TalentLyft or you need more information about certain features (our help center is entirely in English).

To review terms of use for the TalentLyft website and tool, select Terms & Policies. The article from our Knowledge base will open, providing you with all the information about our terms and policies.

By clicking on the Status page, you can view the uptime of our services (our API, our Tool, Career pages, and Authenticator).

The Change log is a record of all notable changes and updates made to our tool and services.

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