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Aircall Integration

With Aircall integration you can make and automatically log phone calls in TalentLyft

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By integrating TalentLyft with Aircall, you will be able to call your candidates directly from TalentLyft and all your outbound calls will be logged and visible on the candidate activity feed.

In this article, we will show you how to integrate your TalentLyft account with Aircall and how to use Aircall from TalentLyft.

NOTE: The only prerequisite is to have both TalentLyft and Aircall accounts. If you don’t have an active Aircall account, you can create one here.

Integrating your TalentLyt and Aircall accounts

To integrate your accounts, please follow these steps.

  • Login to your TalentLyft account.

  • Go to ProfileIntegrations.

  • In Integrations, find the Aircall integration section and click on the Settings button.

  • Click on the Connect account button and enter your Aircall login information. If you don’t have an account, there is also the Create an account option.

  • You are now logged into your Aircall account and you will be asked to give TalentLyft permission to access your call information. Click on Authorize.

  • You can connect your TalentLyft account to your Aircall number or you can skip it for now. If you skip it, you won't get the full information about the logged calls. It will only say "logged call" with none of the additional information about the call.

This is an example of a call log when your Aircall number is not connected to your TalentLyft account:

This is an example of a call log when your Aircall number is connected to your TalentLyft account:

NOTE: If you have multiple numbers, you can select which one will be connected to TalentLyft.

When your TalentLyft and Aircall accounts are successfully integrated, you will see the "Connected" status for your Aircall integration.

Calling from TalentLyft via Aircall

After you integrate your accounts, you can use Aircall from TalentLyft to communicate with your candidates. Aircall will be added as a new activity, Call via Aircall, under the Activities tab in Track and Engage modules.

You can also use Aircall from the Contacts section, after you click on the candidate's contact number.

After you click on the Aircall icon, you will need to login to your Aircall account. Only one login per session is required. After you login, an Aircall virtual keypad will open and you can call the candidate.

NOTE: Make sure you select the correct country for the number you are calling.

Your calls will be automatically logged and will appear in the candidate activity feed.

The other benefit of connecting your Aircall number is that you will be able to access your past recordings directly from TalentLyft.

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