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Learn how to connect your TalentLyft account and your LinkedIn Company page to automatically post your jobs on LinkedIn

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With our new integration with LinkedIn, you can now post jobs on LinkedIn as Limited Listings.

Limited Listings are free job posts gathered by LinkedIn from job boards and aggregators across the web, to create an easy job-seeking experience for LinkedIn members. Jobs are visible to candidates that are searching for jobs on LinkedIn or viewing your company’s LinkedIn Page.

What does this mean for you?

Every job that you publish from TalentLyft will automatically be visible on your LinkedIn company page and will be searchable by active candidates when they search for jobs on LinkedIn.
You only need to connect your LinkedIn company page with your TalentLyft account and your jobs will automatically be posted every time you switch their status to Published in TalentLyft.

Connecting your LinkedIn Company Page with your TalentLyft account

To enable this integration, you will need to copy your LinkedIn Company ID.

  1. Sign in to LinkedIn

  2. Search for your company

  3. On your LinkedIn company page, click on employees

  4. Once you have opened the list of employees, your Company ID will be included in the URL

  5. Copy your LinkedIn Company ID

The Company ID is the number in the URL following %5B. In this example, the Company ID is 2452416:

After you have copied your LinkedIn Company ID, you will need to paste it in TalentLyft to complete the integration.

  1. Sign in to TalentLyft

  2. Go to ProfileIntegrations

  3. Scroll down through available integrations and open the LinkedIn Limited Listings Settings

  4. Paste your LinkedIn Company ID and Save your integration settings

After you have successfully integrated your LinkedIn and TalentLyft accounts, you will see the message Connected in the LinkedIn Limited Listings section.


I have integrated LinkedIn with my TalentLyft account and shared a job to LinkedIn, why the job isn't visible?

Positions are syndicated to LinkedIn within 48 hours of being published. All job boards reserve the right to not display your job ad due to their own quality standards.

It's been 48 hours as I shared a job to LinkedIn and it's still not visible.

Please check the details shared with LinkedIn from Basic information section as the mentioned details should be exact in order for LinkedIn to recognize it (for ex. correct City is New York, instead of "NYC" as LinkedIn can not recognize abbreviation).

I have more applications visible in LinkedIn than in TalentLyft, why is that so?

As LinkedIn can not track applications apart from LinkedIn, there is a possibility that candidates click on Apply on LinkedIn, however they don't apply for the position through TalentLyft at the end.

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