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TalentLyft Approval Portal

Add key stakeholders to your approval flow to ensure a well-informed and aligned approval process with the organization's goals and values

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TalentLyft Approval Portal is used by your company members who don’t have access to your TalentLyft account to approve Job Requisitions or Offers if they are set as approvers.

They can use the Approval portal if they are not involved in your recruitment process, but you still need their approval before publishing a job or sending an offer letter to a candidate.

How does it work

The person will receive the approval email with a link to their approval portal page where they can Reject or Approve Job requisitions or Offers.
This will happen if they are set as approvers and the requisition or offer is currently in that approval step (if you have a multi-step approval process set).

By clicking on the CTA from the approval email, they will be redirected to their approval portal page.

Your approvers can then review and approve currently pending job requisitions and offers that need their approval.

Approving or Rejecting an Offer or a Job Requisition

Before deciding, they can click on the candidate’s name (for offers) or the job title (for requisitions) for more information about the relevant requisition or candidate.

When rejecting, they can also add their rejection comment, giving you feedback on why they have rejected the offer or job requisition.

You can see their comment in TalentLyft on the job requisition’s details screen or the offer activity on the candidate’s activity feed.

After they accept or reject a requisition or an offer, it will be removed from their approval portal page as it will only show currently pending requests for their approval.

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