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Delete Trial Sample Data

Once your trial finishes, as a first step, make sure you delete the previously-provided sample data in your account!

Updated over a week ago

Once your complimentary trial of TalentLyft finishes and you start your subscription, one of the first things you need to do in order to set up your account and prepare yourself for the onboarding process with our Customer Success team is to delete the sample data on your account.

During the 14-day trial of the system, TalentLyft provides all users with sample data, to make sure all the functionalities of the system can be properly tested. Once your trial finishes and you decide to start your subscription, the sample data becomes obsolete, so you should make sure you delete it before you start entering actual data into your TalentLyft account.

The sample data deletion option is located in your Track module (lower left-hand side of the screeen):

Click on the box that states "Delete sample data" and you will get two options: to either upgrade from your trial to a paid version, if you haven't done so already, OR to start hiring and delete your sample data. Please click on the second option:

Please confirm that you'd like to delete your sample data, as shown here:

That's it, you're ready to start entering your data and start hiring!

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