TalentLyft Sub-Processors

Below is a list of the sub-processors engaged by TalentLyft for processing personal data on behalf of TalentLyft’s customers

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Name & Address of Sub-Processor


Intercom R&D Unlimited Company
Stephen Court, 18-21 Saint Stephen&'s Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

User data if a User uses chat for customer support, namely name, surname, E-mail address, chat and log data. This data is located in Ireland (European Hosting Services).

Mailgun Technologies, Inc.
535 Mission St., 14th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105

Candidate data if a User decides to contact the Candidate via Email, namely name, surname, E-mail address, and content of the message. This data is located in Germany and Belgium. Access to this data is limited to EU-based partners.

Selekcija d.o.o.
Split, 21000, PUT MOSTINA 8, Croatia

Candidate data if the application user decides to assess the candidate, namely his name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, job ID of the application, and the assessment results.

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