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Protect Your Account with Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
Protect Your Account with Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Add an additional step to protect your data with 2FA

Updated over a week ago

TalentLyft gives you a possibility to add an extra layer of protection, to ensure the security of your account.
To enable the Two-Factor Authentication on your account, go to the profile icon on your account and select the Your settings section. Go to your Profile settings and open the Accounts segment.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a Security section, where you have the possibility to enable the Two-Factor Authentication.

Once you click on the Enable button, the following screen will appear. Please download one of the apps listed on the screen to your mobile device, scan the QR code that gets generated on your mobile phone's screen and that will generate a 6-digit number that you need to enter to TalentLyft, under the generated QR code.

The system will then give a confirmation that you have enabled this feature and the following message will appear.

Our recommendation is to copy or download the recovery codes that will be offered to you, below the message you see above.

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