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Integration with Facebook Pixel

Collect data on your careers page so you can use remarketing and create lookalike audiences with Facebook Pixel

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Recruitment marketing should be an important part of the recruitment strategy for every company. In order to enable you to keep up with trends, TalentLyft offers you the integration of your careers page with Facebook Pixel.

In this article, we will show you how to integrate Facebook Pixel with your TalentLyft careers page. To learn more about Facebook Pixel, how it works, and what are its benefits, go ahead and check this article. For an installation guide, visit this page.

Set up Facebook Pixel on your TalentLyft careers page

Once you have created a Facebook Pixel according to the instructions in the installation guide linked above, it is time for you to integrate it with TalentLyft. To do so, just follow these few simple steps:

  • Open your Facebook Events Manager and click Get Started button in the Facebook Pixel section.

  • Set your Pixel Name and click on the Create button.

  • Select the Manually Install the Code Yourself option.

  • You don't need to copy any code now, just click Continue, set up your events if you want to, and click the Done button.

  • Now look at the top left corner of your screen and find and copy the Pixel ID.

  • Open your TalentLyft app.

  • Go to Profile - Integrations.

  • Click on Facebook Pixel Settings and paste the Pixel ID.

  • Click Save and you are ready to track events on your careers page with Facebook Pixel!


Once you have set the Facebook Pixel up on your careers page as instructed above, you will be able to collect information about the candidates who visit your careers page if they are logged into Facebook. Facebook doesn't have to be opened in another tab in their browsers, they just need to be logged in. This will allow you to:

  • Use remarketing - create Facebook ads about your job opening and target the people who visited your careers page or even the job ad, but never submitted an application.

  • Create lookalike audiences - Facebook Pixel can keep track of all people who filled out an application form on your careers page. Whenever a candidate fills out the application form in TalentLyft, he is redirected to the confirmation page. Facebook Pixel can use a confirmation page to detect candidates who applied for your job and find similar candidates according to the information Facebook has in its database.

  • Use Facebook Pixel analytics - monitor user activity, access demographic reports, and much more!

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