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Create New or Switch to Another Company AccountLearn how to create a new company account or switch between accounts if you have access to multiple company accounts
Self-Schedule LinksGive the candidates the ability to book group or Round Robin meetings with your team
Custom FieldsFind out how to customize your application to suit your needs
AutomationFind out how to automate all your repetitive tasks and create a more efficient hiring process
Auto Response Email MessagesSet up your automated email messages to candidates that they will receive after they apply or are disqualified
Add New or Edit Existing DepartmentsAdd new or edit existing departments to better organize your job management and to assign jobs to departments
Setting Up Email Templates in TalentLyftLearn how to set up your email templates and start saving time on repetitive emails that you had to write over and over again
Multiple PipelinesBuild different pipelines to organize better and support each recruitment process that you use
TalentLyft Language KitAttract, communicate, and hire candidates in different languages
Adding and Editing Candidate Rejection ReasonsAdd custom rejection reasons to your TalentLyft account and later use them when disqualifying candidates from a selection process
Team MembersAdding, editing or deleting team members in TalentLyft.
Adding Candidate Tags to Your TalentLyft AccountBetter organize your candidate database by adding custom candidate tags to your TalentLyft account
Create New or Edit Existing Scorecard TemplatesCreate new or edit existing scorecard templates that you will use to evaluate your candidates
Set Up Your Pipeline StagesLearn how to customize your hiring pipeline by adding new, or editing and deleting existing pipeline stages
Add New Interview or Meeting LocationsAdd an office location to later share as the interview location when inviting candidates to interviews or meetings