TalentLyft makes the hiring process streamlined. Instead of wasting time with spreadsheets, you can manage multiple openings and candidates through pipeline that you create starting with Sourced and Applied stages and finishing Hired. 

Once you enter the TalentLyft dashboard you will see the recruiting pipeline for the job opening and you can see how many qualified candidates you have at each job/stage. By clicking at any stage, any opening you can view all the candidates at that particular stage.

The default recruiting pipeline

First time you enter TalentLyft account you will have a default pipeline. Click her to see how to customize the pipeline in your recruiting preferences. Successful candidates are moved forward to the next stage until they reach stage Hired. Unsuccessful candidates can be disqualified.

Default stages 

Sourced, Applied and Hired stages are fixed and can not be changed. 

  • Sourced - This stage is where the sourced candidates end up after they are found and collected with TalentLyft Chrome Extension. Also, candidates that you upload or pre-select from your database will be placed here. 
  • Applied - This stage is filled with all applying candidates and candidates that are forwarded via email, weather through your website or job board. are default stages and you cannot change them. Candidates applying through your website or job boards will be initially placed in "Applied". 
  • Hired - Once the candidate is moved to this stage, it means the candidate is hired.

Difference between Qualified and Disqualified 

Every candidate that is active in the pipeline is a Qualified. You can see the number of Qualified candidates  whether you look at the dashboard or you look inside particular open position (red arrows). At any point you can Disqualify candidate and they are not part of the number shown. You can check them at any time (blue arrow) and revert/email them if needed. 

Inside your candidate base you can always check all candidates, disqualified included, even if the position is archived. This means that you can reconnect with these candidates at any time you want.


Can I move candidates backward in the pipeline as well as forward?
You can move candidates to any stage at any time. You can skip over a stage or revert a candidate to a previous stage as needed.

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