As we believe the hiring process is collaborative one, we made it possible to work with external recruiters. After creating a new position, you can simply add an External recruiter if you click on your left menu Company settings (blue arrow), Account members (red arrow) and Add new member (yellow arrow). 

It will open additional window, where you need to fill Name, Email and choose access role External recruiter(blue arrow). You can also choose which opened positions you want External recruiter to see (red arrow) and which Department should he/she belong to (yellow arrow).

Collaboration with External recruiter

External recruiter can only see candidates that he/she added to the job opening. He/she can communicate with you through notes, mentions, add emoji and attachment, see Candidate base, team activities but only for candidates that he/she added.

They can also share the job link and use the job email to put in the candidates.


How do I receive candidates from external recruiters or agencies?

There are 3 ways for External recruiter to put in the candidates:

  • Using job email
  • Add candidates manually
  • Bulk upload

To see more details on how does it look like from recruiters perspective, please check here (link)

How can I remove an external recruiter from TalentLyft?
Simply go to the Account members and you will see the list of members which you can manage.

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