We take special care of getting our customers adjusted as quickly as possible. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable using TalentLyft. 


How do I learn how to use TalentLyft?
We are here to help you get adjusted, whether through additional demo and helping you with the first set up, or through our Knowledge base and chatbox.

How long will it take to get up and running?
Usually it takes one additional demo session with first set up for you to understand the basics. That is literally 1h max. After you try it out by yourself, questions are become obvious and that is why and how we made a Knowledge base to help you. If something is really bugging you, you can always write us in chatbox. Still having trouble? Contact us and schedule a call to help you even more!

Can I learn using TalentLyft if I never used similar tools?
Of course! TalentLyft is made as user friendly as possible and you will be helped as much as you need to learn and adjust.

Who should use TalentLyft inside my company?
Any person that has anything to do with hiring process can use TalentLyft. You can give different access roles to limit their insights.

What is I cooperate with somebody outside our company such as recruiters and head hunters?
We made it possible through access roles for you to control the members. Check out more here.

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