As a subscription based platform, TalentLyft offers any size company a pricing model that can help them speed up and simplify their hiring process.

So how much TalentLyft actually cost?

With flexible pricing model or monthly and annual packages you can actually save money on hiring. We charge only per active position.

So there is no additional cost, like number of users or employees?

No, like we said, only per active position. You have unlimited number of users, unlimited number of candidates applying, inside of a package unlimited number of open/close positions (this means you can open and close as much as you want as long as you do not go over subscribed maximum active positions at the same time).

Can TalentLyft integrate with other tools?

Yes, we have API that you can use. We want TalentLyft to become an open platform so it helps you connect with other important tools that you like to use.

What about support?

Support is for free for all the TalentLyft users, whether through Knowledge Base or chat. 

Feel free to contact us for additional information, we are here to help you get things done faster and easier then before! :)

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