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TalentLyft Mobile App a General Overview
TalentLyft Mobile App a General Overview

Learn what you can do on the fly on your TalentLyft Mobile App

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With the TalentLyft mobile app, you can fully interact with candidates in your hiring pipelines and manage their applications on the fly.

It will allow you to react and interact with candidates and other users while you are on your mobile device.

There is no extra cost for using the mobile version of TalentLyft.

On the mobile version, you can:

  • Review candidate profiles and applications

  • Email candidates

  • Move candidate applications from one stage of a pipeline to another or disqualify them from the active pipeline

  • Interact with other users by leaving notes on applications and candidate profiles

  • Assign tasks to your colleagues

  • Review past candidate evaluations left by you and your colleagues

  • Set up your mobile notification preferences

You can also check your Notifications and access your basic Account settings.

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