Researches show that employee referred candidates are generally better fit and they they stay longer within the company. That's why we made sure to offer you a quality and simple option to create referral campaigns.

Creating the employee referral email

  • In Promote step of your job creation/editing process, click on Referral (blue arrow);
  • A generic email message will be displayed, but you can edit the message according to your preferences (red arrow);
  • Click on Manage employees (yellow arrow) to add employees you want to send the email to.
  • New window will appear where you can select employees you wish to send previously created email to (black rectangle). 
  • Add employees if they are not on the list already one by one (blue arrow) or upload the CSV (red arrow). To help you fill a CSV click on the Download the CSV template (yellow arrow). 
  • Send email when you have selected all employees you want to send the email to.

Employee Perspective

Employees will get the email with the link and social media buttons to share the job via their personal social media profiles. They can also simply reply with the candidate's CV as a recommendation.  

If the replied with the CV, they will receive "thank you" email with the link that gives them option to comment on the candidate.

If they click Add a comment button, new window will appear where they can leave their comment. The note will be saved inside TalentLyft with candidates profile.
Important: Employees are unable to see anything except that candidates resume and adding comment.

Referral Report

You do not have to track manually who recommended which candidate or how many people shared the link, clicked on it etc. TalentLyft's powerful analytics will do that for you! Check more on Referral report here.

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