You need to have structure while hiring so we made a recruiting pipeline that helps you move candidates forward to either being hired or disqualified. 

Pipeline Stages

Each column in the pipeline represents a stage and they are fully customizable, to fit your needs. If you want to make changes simply click Recruiting preferences (red arrow) and add/delete the stages (blue arrow).

Depending on your needs, you can add/delete stages so it fits your needs. Example: If you have 2 parts of interviews and testing between simply add stages and call them Interview1 -Testing- Interview2. Simply drag and drop the stages to arrange them the way you want.

Default stages 

Sourced, Applied and Hired stages are fixed and can not be changed. 

  • Sourced - This stage is where the sourced candidates end up after they are found and collected with TalentLyft Chrome Extension. Also, candidates that you upload or pre-select from your database will be placed here. 
  • Applied - This stage is filled with all applying candidates and candidates that are forwarded via email, weather through your website or job board. are default stages and you cannot change them. Candidates applying through your website or job boards will be initially placed in "Applied". 
  • Hired - Once the candidate is moved to this stage, it means the candidate is hired.


Can I customize the pipeline for every new opening differently?
Pipeline is made the same for all the openings and can not be customized differently for each new opening.

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