TalentLyft gives structure you need to your hiring process. You can move people through stages until you find the right one. By using the Current Pipeline report you can see exactly at what stage your bottleneck is and where you should put more effort. 

The start

Once you login to TalentLyft and you open the new position, simply check the Analytics by clicking on the right corner button of the job and choose Analytics.

Select the Current Pipeline Report by clicking on the icon

Setting the report

On your left menu, choose the Report date (offered time or simply Custom made that you need exactly) and Departments (Active or/and Archived jobs). 

The review

Once the date has been set, you can view the tabular information on Job, Department and stages(number of people in each stage for each job/department).

Visual information

It gives you the overview of the stages (that you predefined) by different colors. 

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