Stats show that the best candidates are the ones recommended. This is your chance to reach the quality candidates who are already in your network and easily track the results through Referral report. 

The start

Once you login to TalentLyft and you open the new position, simply check the Analytics by clicking on the right corner button of the job and choose Analytics.

Select the Referral Report by clicking on the icon 

Setting the report

On your left menu, choose the Report date (offered time or simply Custom made that you need exactly) and Departments (Active or/and Archived jobs). 

The review

You can see the following segments:

  • how many candidates has the referred lined reached
  • who are the referred candidates and who referred them
  • how many of them moved forward
  • who was hired
  • when they were referred
  • in which stage they are currently 
  • which job they applied for

Visual information

You can see: 

  • Reach - number of referral reached candidates 
  • Candidates - number of referred candidates
  • Moved - number of referred candidates moved forward
  • Hired - number of referred candidates hired

Tabular information

You can see the list of the candidates (name) by the job they applied for, who referred them, at what stage they are currently at, where and when they came from. 

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