TalentLyft helps you speed up the hiring process but it also helps you evaluate your own team in charge of hiring. Use the Time to Hire report to see how long does it take for a candidate to move from Sourced/Applied to Hired. Check your teams ability to spot the right candidate and where to help them. 

The start

Once you login to TalentLyft and you open the new position, simply check the Analytics by clicking on the right corner button of the job and choose Analytics.

Select the Time to Hire Report by clicking on the icon

Setting the report

On your left menu, choose the Report date (offered time frame or simply Custom made that you need exactly) and Departments (Active or/and Archived jobs). 

The review & Visual information

Once the date has been set, you can view the tabular information for each candidate:

  • Job: name of the opened position
  • Status: status of the position 
  • Published: date of the publishing the position
  • Hired Candidate: the name of the candidate hired
  • Time to fill: the number of days from job activation to the time the candidate was hired
  • Time to hire: number of days from the first engagement of the candidate (sourced/applied) to the day the candidate was hired. 

You can see how many candidates you need to hire the 1 person, what % of the candidates you hired and time to fill or hire (look above The review).

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