Although TalentLyft helps you post a job ad to multiple job boards, it is matter of a timing also. When should you re-advertise? Candidate report helps you track the number of candidates entering the pipeline (given time period) so you can compare it with the similar process from the past and get the timing right!

The start

Once you login to TalentLyft and you open the new position, simply check the Analytics by clicking on the right corner button of the job and choose Analytics.

Select the Candidate Report by clicking on the icon.

Setting the report

On your left menu, choose the Report date (offered time or simply Custom made that you need exactly) and Departments (Active or/and Archived jobs). Also you can choose Day/Week/Month on your right side to see the difference in different time period.

Visual information

The area chart provides quick insights of total candidates (blue line) and moved forward candidates (green line) at the certain period of time. On your right menu choose the view by Day/Week/Month so you can see exactly when is the right time to re-advertise.

Tabular information

Check the exact numbers in the table view. You can see the number of total candidates and the ones moved forward from sourcerd/applied stage, in chosen time period. 

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