Use TalentLyft to simply post Job Ads to multiple job boards, but also track the origin of the best candidates. With these metrics you can optimize your spend and be effective as possible. 

The start

Once you login to TalentLyft and you open the new position, simply check the Analytics by clicking on the right corner button of the job and choose Analytics.

Select the Source Report by clicking on the icon.

Setting the report

On your left menu, choose the Report date (offered time or simply Custom made that you need exactly) and Departments (Active or/and Archived jobs). 

The review

You can see the following segments:

  • Job Boards: all candidates that have entered the pipeline via a known job board;
  • Careers Page: all candidates that have entered the pipeline via your company career site or Facebook Jobs Tab, API or candidates that have arrived via an alternative route not listed above;
  • Referrals: all candidates who have been referred by your teams;
  • Recruiters: all candidates who have been sourced by a recruiter listed in your TalentLyft account;
  • Sourced: all candidates that have been added via the TalentLyft Chrome extension or uploaded (bulk or manually added).

Visual data

At the top of the page you can see a visual breakdown of:

  • Candidates: The number of candidates who went on to apply for the position(s);
  • Moved: The number of candidates moved forward to the next stage from (sourced or applied);
  • Hired: The final number of candidates who were hired (stage Hired).

Tabular information

If you want to see the tabular information we made it possible so you can see the views and candidates from every source, how many candidates were moved forward and how many were hired. 

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