When you create a new job opening with TalentLyft, it automatically creates an email address for that job opening. This means that you can simply forward the CV (one by one) from your email directly to the job opening you prefer. It is a perfect way to add new candidates to a job, if you are working with external recruiters or head hunters. 

Where can I see an email address?

Every published or internal job has its own email. You can see it when you create a job opening.

or, at any given moment you can check it out on your main Track window.

Sharing the email

If you are accepting job applications via email (using a job board where applications are sent via email), candidates can email a resume in the following formats: .pdf, .doc and .docx.

TalentLyft's parsing tool will parse the resume and create a candidate profile from the information that it was able to gather from the resume.

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