We want to save you as much as possible time on your hiring process. If you wish to upload more than one CV, we made it possible through our bulk upload.
Every time candidate is uploaded, new profile is automatically generated.

Creating new profiles with bulk upload

After you created new position, simply click on any stage you wish (blue arrow) and it will take you inside of that pool, whether it is a profile of a candidate or it is empty.

After that simply click on the Options in the header and choose Upload resumes (red arrow). It will open new window.

Here you can simply click and choose the CVs you want to upload or drag-and-drop them to the highlighted area.
The documents are parsed and scanned in the background, creating candidate profiles that become visible once you click Save and close button.


What file formats can I upload?
The following formats are supported: .pdf, .rtf, .doc and .docx

Is there a limit on how many can I add?
No, there is no limit on how many candidates you can add to the position but we recommend that you and maximum of 50 at once. 

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