TalentLyft has a flexible pricing model, subscription-based. You can choose the perfect plan for your own need. Billing page is where you can control your billing information. 

Getting started

Only TalentLyft account administrator can manage the billing settings so if you are an admin, simply click on billing information on your left menu. 

Billing info

Here is displayed contact information and address for the credit card that is being used for billing purposes. For European Union countries it is important to put in VAT. Value-added-tax is a general, broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services in the European Union and it is obligatory for EU countries. 

Enter your billing information by clicking Edit on your right (blue arrow). 

Confirmation of any payments will be sent to entered email address. You’ll also be able to enter your credit card details. TalentLyft accepts VISA, AMEX and Mastercard. 

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