TalentLyft has a flexible pricing model, subscription-based. You can choose the perfect plan for your own need. Billing page is where you can control your billing information. 

Getting started

Only admin can manage the billing settings so if you are an admin, simply click on billing information on your left menu. 


If you scroll down the billing page, you will see your current invoices. By click the icon on your right (blue arrow) you will see the complete invoice. There are 2 types of invoices:

  • Payment instruction - if you are paying via wire transfer, after your free trial has ended, you will need to fill billing information and click purchase. You will receive payment instruction and have 14 days to pay, Once paid and money has transferred, you will receive an invoice.
  • Invoice - detailed information and proof of your purchased subscription.

You get the notifying email with invoices to the email address you entered in your Billing information.

All TalentLyft plans are renewed automatically. Should you need to cancel a plan, make sure you do it before the renewal date to ensure you’re not charged for the following month/year. For the annual plans paid via wire transfer, you will be notified one month prior to the expiration date. 

Invoice Details & Printing

Bellow you can see the example of the invoice. in the right corner, simply click Print if you wish to print it. 

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