We consider hiring to be collaborative job. That's why we made 6 different roles for you to decide what is available for each member you add. This gives you full overview of members and their role in hiring process. Each role has limitations which gives them better focus. 

Access roles

  • Administrator - role that has full and total overview of your account including Billing information and ability to Edit members.
  • Team member - role that has total overview with exception of access to the billing info and editing members.
  • Limited team member - role that has overview only over certain open positions that Administrator has allowed. Has total overview over positions that has access to.
  • External recruiter - role that has overview over certain open positions and only can manage applicants that he/she added
  • Reviewer - role that has overview only over certain positions that includes adding applicants and view over calendar and team activities.
  • Content editor - role that has overview only over Career site and integrations.  

On the image below is a detailed breakdown of access level by role.

All roles with asterisk (*) are limited, which means that you can limit their access to your TalentLyft account by job or department. External recruiter has an additional limitation which allows him/her to see only the applications that he/she added to the system.

Use cases by role:

  • Administrator: HR Director, VP of HR , Lead Recruiter, Head of Recruiting
  • Team member: Recruiting Coordinators, Schedulers
  • Limited team member: Hiring Managers
  • External Recruiter: External Agency, External Recruiter
  • Reviewer: Team Lead, Tech Specialist
  • Content Editor: Developer, Marketer, Community Manager, Employer Branding Specialist
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