TalentLyft is subscription based recruiting software. Monthly subscription packages can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time. You can also pause a monthly plan, your account will be kept intact, your data secure and you can reactivate when you want.

Annual plans are paid upfront and include 12 months for the price of 10. 

Getting started

Only admin can manage the billing settings so if you are an admin, simply click on billing information on your left menu. 

Your current subscription plan

You can see the current subscription plan details at the top (blue arrow). If you wish to downgrade current plan (yellow arrow) simply click on Downgrade or if you wish to upgrade current plan simply click on Upgrade you wish (Red arrow).

Cancel subscription

To cancel subscription, click Cancel subscription (green arrow). All TalentLyft plans are renewed automatically. Should you need to cancel a plan, make sure you do it before the renewal date to ensure you’re not charged for the following month/year. For the annual plans paid via wire transfer, you will be notified one month prior to the expiration date.

Purchasing a subscription plan

After you chose the number of job slots you need, select monthly or annual payment.
If you’re purchasing a new plan or downgrading your current one, some plans may be white saying Archive jobs (blue arrow). 

That means you have to manage positions and archive openings to match the number of the subscription plan you are trying to choose. Simply click on Archive jobs and you will see the list of active positions where you will be able to choose which job you wish to archive.

Upgrading/downgrading a subscription plan

To upgrade or downgrade your plan, follow the steps for choosing a new plan. You can upgrade or downgrade a monthly plan at any time.

If you’re on an annual plan you can upgrade during your subscription but can only downgrade when you current subscription expires. If you are on a monthly plan and want to switch to annual billing to take advantage of the annual billing discount, simply cancel your current monthly plan to select an annual plan.

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