As we try to save you more and more time, we made it possible for you to post job ad to multiple job boards. While it usually would be hard and time consuming, managing multiple invoices, specially for large organizations, now is simplified. Simply buy credits and your admin can exchange them for premium posts on job boards.

TalentLyft credits are good way to:

  • Centralize the payment
  •  Purchase job ads with a manual invoice
  • Save time + less paperwork

 Each credit is worth $1, and you can pay by credit card or wire transfer. Keep track of your credit balance, and how individual credits are spent, from your accounts billing page. To get there simply click on the Company settings on your left menu, Billing information (blue arrow) and you will see Credit balance which you can also purchase by clicking on Purchase more (red arrow). 

It will open new window where you can choose how much you want to purchase and who you wish to pay.


Do I pay VAT on the Credits and each additional ad purchased?
No you don’t. If you’re liable to pay VAT, all VAT charges occur at the moment Credits are purchased. Any job postings you purchase with those Credits will be with no additional VAT.

What happens to unused Credits if I stop using TalentLyft?
Unused Credits are refundable, less the cash value of any bonus Credits you have received.

Is there a minimum top up for credits?
The minimum top up is 1,000 credits.

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