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Pricing FAQs

How does the free trial work?

After creating your account, you get a free trial period of 14 days. The free trial gives you access to all TalentLyft features, creating and posting openings to job boards and social media, tracking applicants and scheduling interviews, and sharing the work and notes with team members.

What happens at the end of the free trial?

Two days before the end of the trial period, we will remind you via email to switch to a full account. You will not be charged or required to give your billing information before that. Your user data will not be deleted, you will just need to enter valid credit card details to regain access. After that you’ll be able to continue using TalentLyft right where you left off in the trial period.

Can I change my plan?

TalentLyft gives all clients the same fully featured service for a flat fee. If you’re not currently hiring, your account will not be suspended or removed, nor will you be obliged to pay any fees other than for active openings.


There is time when you are not actively hiring? You still get to use parts of our product for free! These parts include:

  • Branded Career Site
  • Passive Candidate Sourcing
  • Facebook Job Tab
  • Talent Pool
  • Candidate Relationship Management
  • Customer Support

Our wish is to help you save time and keep growing even when you are not actively hiring because that’s what real teammates do!

Is there a setup fee for using TalentLyft?

No, there is no setup fee and no training fee to use TalentLyft. The prices listed here show the cost per month or per year.

Who owns the data?

All your data is backed up on a daily basis on secure Azure servers. And when you terminate your usage with us, we provide you all your data files.

How do you ensure data security?

TalentLyft's physical infrastructure is managed by a state-of-the-art Azure setup. All transactions are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption. All your data is backed up on a daily basis.

What is an 'active opening'?

An active opening is the job you’re currently hiring for and looking for candidates - setting up interviews or tests, tracking or evaluating candidates or sharing notes with the team. An active opening can be position in status

  • Published: seeking candidates
  • Internal: seeking candidates internally
  • Closed: candidate found but recruitment process still underway

When you’ve filled the position and concluded the recruitment process, the opening is archived and no longer charged, but you can still access all the notes and the entire candidate profile at any time. An archived opening can be retrieved and reactivated at any time. An opening that has been prepared but not published is a draft opening and also not charged.

The pricing plan is designed so that you pay exactly depending on your hiring volume. Imagine a month where you had 4 active openings for the first 10 days, 3 active openings on the next 10 days, and 2 active opening for that last 10 days.

Based on the scheme above, calculation is as follows:
JOB 1: 10 days published, 10 days closed, 10 days archived (not paying) -$25$ x (20/30) = $16.6
JOB 2: 20 days published, 10 days closed - $25
JOB 3: 20 days published - 25$ x (20/30) = $16.6 USD

Should I choose a monthly or annual plan?

Annual plans are billed up front and include 12 months for the price of 10. If you have a good idea of the number of people you’ll be hiring across the year, then an annual plan is for you. Upgrade an annual plan at any time during your subscription or downgrade when your current subscription expires.

Monthly plans can be paused and reactivated. If you’re hiring seasonally or having a sudden growth spurt, a monthly plan is a good choice; you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. You can also pause your account and reactivate it when you need it – we’ll keep your data secure and untouched until you return.

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