TalentLyft is here to make your review and managing candidates through hiring process as easy as possible. As you move through preferred stages you can disqualify candidates without worrying of losing any of them since all of your data is saved in the base of candidates.

How to disqualify or reject a candidate

If you decide at some point, no matter which stage you are currently in, that candidate is not suitable, you can disqualify him/her by simply clicking on the Disqualify button (blue arrow)

Disqualified Reasons

Every time you disqualify candidate, you need to choose a reason, which you can customize. 

To customize disqualifying reasons, click on Company settings, Recruiting preferences (blue arrow) and then Edit you disqualification reasons (red arrow).

This will help you find disqualified candidates later in the Talent pool and you will be able to filter them.

Example: Great candidate applied for a opening but not suitable for that position. He will be perfect for your next position you will open later. You will disqualify him/her, choose a reason you added, and after you open new position, will find him through filter you set up! 

Track of disqualified or rejected candidates

Disqualified candidates can be found at the stage to which they had progressed, but inside the ‘disqualified’ tab (red arrow).

To email them, simply choose one or all of them and click on Bulk action (red arrows) where you can choose an action to do with selected candidates:

  • send email - you can use personalized bulk rejections
  • revert applicants - they will get to the qualified tab (if reverted, they will not receive email notification of this change)
  • delete applicants


If I disqualify a candidate, can they see I did that?
No, candidates will not know they have been disqualified until you send them an email notification.

Can I move them back at any time?
Yes, and they will not be notified of the action.

How do I create my own rejection email template?
Yes, you can add/change email templates in your Recruiting preferences (on your left menu under Company settings).

Can I disqualify candidates in bulk?
Yes, simply choose the candidates you wish to disqualify and then click on Bulk action where you can choose to disqualify them.

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