If you just started using TalentLyft and you want to import some candidates, it can be done in few ways. Here you will find an explanation which way is the best for you.

Before you start 

A data import or migration isn’t necessary for everyone. If you would just like to upload multiple resumes then the bulk upload is the quickest option. But if you have candidates in a spreadsheet, then you can use Import data. To be sure what is the best for you, please check these things:

  • You have a folder of CVs which you just want to get inside TalentLyft - you should use bulk upload
  • You have a spreadsheet without resumes and you want to get them inside - you should use Import data
  • You have both and you want to get them inside - you should use Import data
  • I have other things to get inside and need more help - contact us 

Data migration can start as soon as you created new position. There is also a way to use API get the data inside TalentLyft. To use Import data you need to prepare the CSV and ZIP in the right way, check exactly how here.


I also want to import other data like my jobs, communications, notes, users etc – can I do this?
Yes, this is usually situation when you were using ATS before  you started using TalentLyft. Please contact us for more information.

My candidate data is not in Excel, CSV or a Google Sheet – what can I do?
Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

What happens if the resume filename in my spreadsheet isn’t an exact match of candidate’s resume filename?
The candidate will not be created.

What type of resume files can be imported?
Resumes can be imported in any of the following formats: .pdf / .doc (Word) / .docx (Word) / .rtf / .html / .odt

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