The dashboard is the visual projection of your account. The first contact you make with your account after logging in. Here you can manage the whole process, from branding and multiple posting, to applicant's tracking and scheduling.

Navigation Menu

On your left you can check the Menu which allows you to go any place you want. At the bottom of the menu there is a hide button so you can access it any time you need. 

  • Job Opening - open positions that you currently have.
  • Candidates - your searchable Talent Pool
  • Inbox - for notifications 
  • Calendar - easy to sync and searchable
  • Team Activities - searchable view of all team activities 
  • Employer Branding - set up Career site, Job Widget, Facebook Job Tab and Team blog
  • Company Settings - change the preferences, add members, billing information, integration (API) and import data
  • Help - knowledge base or/and chat box

Job Statuses

Every job you create can go through 2 statuses (Active, Archived):

Active (charged)

  • Published - job is currently active, published online (visible on career page and Facbook Job Tab)
  • Internal - job is currently active and published internal (visible only to people who have a link)
  • Closed - job is currently active but unpublished (not visible and applicants can't apply but hiring process still in progress).

Archived (not charged)

  • Archived - jobs where hiring process is done

Draft -  still editing (not charged)

  • Draft - positions you started editing but stopped before publishing

Actions with jobs

After clicking the icon on your right side (yellow arrow), you will see the menu where you can choose your next action. Also you can click the Promote icon - you have an option to advertise the job, whether on the free job boards, or the premium job boards, or to share it on social networks. To Share or check the Email address of the open position, click the icon (red arrow). To see the number of applicant simply drag the pointer to the icon (blue arrow)

  • Edit - you can modify the current job (description, advertising, application form etc. )
  • View - you can see your job ad which has been published as a candidate would see it
  • Analytics - you can see the analytics for current job and learn from your past steps
  • Clone - you can copy the same job (useful if you need to post a job that is similar but not identical to an existing one)
  • Publish - publish externaly so it is visible and candidates can apply 
  • Publish internally - Internal published positions are not visible to the public or anywhere else outside your company
  • Close job - a job automatically goes to Close status and becomes inactive
  • Archive job - save your job in archives in case you need it again

Hiring pipeline overview

Every opened job has a list of stages and a number of active candidates (only qualified candidates count) in that stage. Clicking on a specific stage, you get an access to your recruiting pipeline.

Quick Actions

In the top right corner, you can create a new position with one click, or visit and edit your career site.

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