Tagging candidates allows you to label, organize and search candidates using hashtags (Eg #talentlyft).

Use hashtags that are the most important for a specific position, to label and to find candidates later (e.g. #java, #xyearsexperience, #php etc.).
This feature will make it much easier to distinguish candidates with the needed qualifications from the rest. 

To add tags, you have to click one of the job stages (from Sourced to Hired), and a list of candidates will show up. Click on a preferred candidate and simply click on Add tags (blue arrow). After you clicked, write a proper text and that's it. Also you can add tags in notes by putting hashtag sign #. It will automatically create the tag on the candidate.

 If you click on of the tags, it will automatically filter the candidate base of that specific position, on your left. Also if you wish to write down a tag to filter, simply write it in a search menu (blue arrow).

You can also use tags to filter the Talent pool. Simply click on your left menu the Candidates (blue arrow). It will open your Talent pool. Simply type down the tag in a search menu (red arrow). After you filtered the candidates, you can Copy or Move them as you wish (black rectangle).

Tagging basics 

  • All tags are visible to everyone in company+s TalentLyft account.
  • Anyone in your hiring team can add or remove tags from candidates.
  • Tags can only be assigned to candidates. You cannot assign tags to jobs or members of the hiring team.
  • Tags work best when used collaboratively, so we recommend creating tags that make sense to everyone on the hiring team. 


How to I delete a tag on a candidate’s profile?
Next to every tag, you’ll see a tiny ‘x’. Click the ‘x’ to delete the tag.

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