Creating new open position with TalentLyft is very easy and it takes 2 steps which you can post to free or premium job boards just as you can share it to the social networks or anywhere you want! Every created position automatically shows on your career site or Facebook Job Tab (link). First step is creating a job ad and second is creating an application form (link).

Creating a job ad

Inside TalentLyft there are 6 roles (Administrator, Team member, Limited team member, Reviewer, External Recruiter and Content editor).
Administrator, Team member and Limited team member can create new open positions and publish them.
To start, open your dashboard and simply click on the New job on your right (blue arrow).

it will open a page where you can write and design a job description (add links or pictures), put job title and role, or just pick a template if you wish, etc. 

The job title and department details

First thing you need to fill is the job title (blue arrow). You will notice that as you type, options are auto-suggested. These are common job titles, most likely to be searched on job boards.

You might wish to be creative to write a job title that is specific but it will make it much harder for potential candidates to find it on the job board search. So we suggest you save creativity for the job description because with common job titles your position will be also faster approved by the job board.

Next thing is choosing the Department (on your right from the job title) which you can add just one. You can add Departments on your right (+ sign) or you can add them in your Recruiting preferences (link). They are connected with Adding new members and their roles. This you can check and change in Recruiting preferences at any time.

You also have to fill Location which consists of Country, State/Region, City and ZIP Code. This is important info for the job boards because the majority of job boards will not list jobs without a location. Also it is important so the job ad is advertised to the most appropriate candidates

Creating the job description

This is the par that will be publicly seen. Here you can explain to potential candidates what the job involves and this is a place where you can get creative.
 To make this job easier for you, we made a list of over 300 templates that you can use, if you need help with filling the certain job descriptions (blue arrow).

Editing the text 

You have to fill minimum of 100 characters inside the job description. Also you can use the Editor to help you with the job description.

To understand what the icon means, simply put your mouse pointer on the icon and explanation will appear ( Example: B means Bold).

To put the Editor in full screen, click on the last button on your right (blue arrow).
If you click on Hyperlink or Picture (red rectangle), new window will open and:

  • for Hyperlink add text, where you wish the link to go and choose if you want it to be opened in new window 
  • for Picture add an image from your files by simply clicking on Choose file, add an image URL and title, if you need. 

Job targeting details

On your right side you can add extra details. This is very good to add because it boosts the visibility of the job ad and targets better potential candidates. 

Controlling the job ad look on social networks 

On your right side, you can add extra details about the job to boost visibility and targeting.

Social Sharing - you control how will your ad look like once you distribute it to the social networks by adding you picture and controlling the SEO which gives you better ranking in search engines.

If you want to share the job ad on social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and you want your picture to be seen, make sure you add it before you share the link of the job opening. If you want to change it and it still shows the old one, check here how to debug it.

After you finished, simply click on Save changes and move to the second step of creating the open position - Application form (link).


Can I publish position from here?
No, you first have to create an application form so your position would be ready for publishing.

Can I save the draft so I can continue designing description later?
Yes, simply click on the Save changes button, it will take you to the application form and you can close window/tab. It will automatically be saved as a draft which you can check on your dashboard.

Can I change the text once I published it?
Yes, you can change the job description any time you want simply by clicking Edit on your dashboard (blue arrows).

If you are coming back on your published opening, you will notice you can choose to change the status of the position (blue arrow) or Share it (red arrow) - these things you couldn't do the first time publishing this position.

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