After you created a job ad and clicked Save, you move to the second part of creating new job - the application form. Application form is a form which candidate has to fill to successfully apply for your created position. You choose which part of the application form is required or optional, whether you are using filters or screening questions.  

Customizing an application form

On your right side of the screen you can see the preview of the application form. On your left side you can choose which filters you want to use. Also you can choose if the filter is:

  • Required - has to be filled by candidate for application to be accepted
  • Optional - candidate can choose whether he wants to fill information or not
  •  Off - it is not on the application form.

There are 3 types of filters:

  • Personal information - Name and Email are always required
  • Social profiles
  • Professional data - education, experience, projects.

Screening questions

On your right side, where the preview of the application form is, you can check the second part of the form - Screening question which you can use to find out more information about the candidate for any specific open position. 

There are 10 types of questions and you can use them as many times as you need:

  • Open text question (single line) - candidate can answer the question in a single line (short answer)
  • Open text question (multiple line) - candidate can fill the text in multiple lines (long answer) 
  • Multiple choice question - candidate can choose more then one offered answer
  • Single choice question - candidate can choose one answer
  • Single choice question (dropdown) - candidate can choose one answer and it is a dropdown menu
  • Yes/No question - candidate can choose yes or no answer
  • Date - candidate can choose the date
  • URL - candidate can leave URL with their, for example portfolio 
  • Address - candidate can enter the address 
  • File - candidate can upload additional files

Disqualifying through application form

You can automatically disqualify candidates by clicking Required box and choosing the answers that are disqualifying. This gives you an opportunity to make a preselection which saves you a lot of time on selection process because you don't have to invest your time into unqualified candidates. 

Save application form

After you finished creating the application form, can save the changes by clicking on Keep this setup for my future jobs (blue arrow). This applies only for filters on your left side of the screen. 

Once you finished, click on Save changes and move to Promoting your new opened position.


Can I reorder the questions I’ve added?
Yes, simply drag n drop the questions in order you wish.

Can I change screening questions after a new job has been published?
If you’ve already received applications for this job, and want to change the questions, you should disable the current one and create a new questions to replace it, or you’ll be altering candidates’ answers.

Where do I view the candidate’s answers to the application questions?
Once you open the profile of the applied candidate, simply click on the icon in the menu (blue arrow). 

Can I filter candidates using the answers from their application form?
Once you open the Job opening, on your left menu you have an icon which you click (blue arrow) and it opens a new window that allows you to filter these candidates inside the job opening. 

You can easily move/contact/disqualify these candidates by marking them and clicking on the Bulk action, where you can choose the action you want. 

I have a custom application form on my company careers site. Can I get this information into TalentLyft?
Yes, you can use the TalentLyft API to import the candidate data into a pipeline for a specific job.

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