TalentLyft made creating and promoting job ad as simple as possible. After you created new open position, it shows automatically on your career site and Facebook Job tab.

Promote job opening

After you created application form and clicked Save, you move to the new step - Promote. First of all, you have to click Publish button, where you can choose between Publish Job and Publish internally (difference is Published job is visible on career site and Facebook job tab and Published internally is not). This is the moment when your new position becomes active and charged for. 

You will see 4 options:

  • Free job boards - promoting your new position on free job boards by clicking on job boards where you wish to promote. It will be published in 24h (every job board holds the right to refuse the job post if the job description doesn’t meet their minimum standards)
  • Premium job boards - promoting your new positions on job boards that requires payment, also clicking on the ones you wish. If you use Premium job boards, you have to pay and it will be published in a few hours. 
  • Social networks - promoting your new position by sharing it on social networks (every position has a unique link that you can copy and paste anywhere you want)
  • Referral - asking your coworkers for a referral and to help you promote on social networks

If you need to advertise a job on a board outside our network, you can still make use of the applicant tracking features in TalentLyft. After you published a job (clicked Publish job) you can click on Job targeting details (blue arrow), new window will open and you can add Additional information which will filter job boards to your specific needs.

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