TalentLyft offers you the ability to directly attract candidates with many free and premium job boards that are integrated within the system. If you want to advertise on some other external job boards that you consider the best source of your candidates, and wish that these same candidates appear within a certain position in the TalentLyft, this is how you can do it easily.

  • Free job boards - promoting your new position on free job boards by clicking on job boards where you wish to promote. It will be published in 24h (every job board holds the right to refuse the job post if the job description doesn’t meet their minimum standards)
  • Premium job boards - promoting your new positions on job boards that requires payment, also clicking on the ones you wish. If you use Premium job boards, you have to pay and it will be published in a few hours. 

Getting Started

On the top off the dashboard bellow you can see a Share button who offers you to attract candidates from a broad range of sources with two options:

  • Job shortlink is connection with opened job position (URL) and you can share it to all social and professional networks only using copy and paste process. You can also insert the link into the job post that you create for each job board who are outside TalentLyft network.
  • Job email is a unique email of every open position. You can simply forward the application to this email address and it will automatically create new candidate profile inside that open position. If needed you can add this email to the job boards requested email address. 

LinkedIn Example

We will use Linkedin to show you how. Once you click on job posting on your Linkedin menu and then Post job on your top of the page, it will lead you to

where you enter your company, job title and country. You click Start job post, and it will lead you to the next stage and there you need to copy the link.

And that’s it! These applicants will end up at your TalentLyft account, at the same place.

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