TalentLyft provides a range of job advertising options. Post to multiple free and premium job boards via our large syndication network, or use the job shortlink to post on local or specialist job boards. To engage with passive candidates, TalentLyft also makes it easy to advertise jobs on the major social networks, without the need to log in to each one individually.

Getting started

When you’re adding or editing a job, click the ‘Social Network’ tab in the top menu. You’ll see the option to share on social media is one of the sub tabs:

The following networks are available: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, XING, and Pinterest.

Share a job on Twitter

To post a job on Twitter, click the small ‘Tweet’ button. The window that opens has a pre-written but editable message, and a link to the job and application form. If you need to, edit the tweet to more closely match your employer brand.

Share a job on Facebook

Click the Facebook button to open the sharing window. The preview shows the way the post will appear on Facebook, complete with a small ‘we’re hiring’ image and link to view the full details. Above the preview is room to write an optional message. At the top of the window is a dropdown menu, revealing 5 sharing options:
share a job on Facebook

  • share on your own timeline – the job ad will appear on your Facebook feed, as shown in the preview. At the bottom of the window you’ll see the option to share the post with all friends, close friends, or a new subset of your choosing
  • share on a friend’s timeline – useful if you already know someone who could be interested in the position, or that person has a following of people who could be interested. Tap this option to enter the friend’s name
  • share in a group – useful if you’re part of a professional Facebook group, or know people in a social group who could be interested in this position. Tap this option to enter the name of the group
  • share on a page you manage – if you have a company Facebook page, share the job to reach your most engaged followers. If you manage more than one Facebook page you’ll see the option to choose the correct one in a dropdown menu on the right
  • share via private message – share this when you’d like to discuss the job privately

If you have a company Facebook page, you can also create a Jobs Tab. This is a tab on your Facebook page which links to a page listing all your open jobs. Jobs are posted or updated automatically, every time a job is created or edited in TalentLyft.

There’s no code required – a simple integration, it will speak directly to your biggest fans. Find out more about setting up a Facebook Jobs tab.

Share a job on LinkedIn

Click on the LinkedIn button, new window will open that will show a preview (which you can edit) and also give you an option to add text to your post. You can choose who can see your post, Public or Connections. Also you can choose the Groups or Individuals you want tho share with. 

Share a job on Google+

Click on the Google+ button, new tab will open that will show a preview of the post. You can choose which part of your Google Account you want to post it. Also you can add text to make it more visible. You have an option to Disable comments and Disable reshare.

Share a job on XING 

Click on the XING button, new window will open that will show a preview of the post. After editing the text you want, you can choose to post it as a XING update or via private message.

Share a job on Pinterest

Click on the Pinterest button, new window will open where you can Create a new board. Click on the create a board icon, name your board and pick if you want it to be a secret board or a public and click on the Create button. 

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