We consider hiring process to be collaborative. To help you centralize you communication with other people inside your company, we made it possible for you to add them as members and give them access roles. You can add as many members as you want! No limit for the size of your team!

Adding new members

After clicking Company settings icon on your left (blue arrow), click Account members on your right (red arrow). It will open a list of your team members. Add new ones by clicking Add new member (yellow arrow). 

New window will open where you will add new teammates' name (blue arrow), email (red arrow) and choose one of 6 access roles (link) to limit his access if needed (yellow arrow). After you filled the information, click Save to send an invitation. 

Added person will get an invitation email that needs to open and click Confirm invitation (blue arrow). After that needs to fill the registration and it is good to go!

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