With our TalentLyft Convert CMS, we give you the option to edit and customize your career sites as much as possible.  
You can even create multiple websites, and those websites can have multiple pagesfor your visitors to explore. 

With all this in mind, we also gave you the option of editing your Job application page.

NOTE: The job application page is the page that opens after your career site visitors click on one of the jobs from the Jobs section or if someone access it via the direct job shortlink. It has all the information about the position and has the application form on it after your visitors click on the Apply for this job button.

You can change the Header section of the Job application page. By doing so, you can make it different and more recognizable than other pages on your career site. 

To edit the Job application page for your website, go to Convert and select the Edit career site option.

Click on the website for which you want to edit the Job application page.

NOTE: You will probably have only one website and the Create another website option.

Click on the Back arrow to open the Pages list.

From the Pages list, under System pages, click on the Job application page.  

Hover your mouse cursor over the Header image, and the Edit option will appear.

In the Edit header section, you can edit the following: 

  • Header text – the main header text that appears when someone opens the page. We advise you not to change this since your changes will be applied for all the jobs, and the current placeholder, {JobTitle}, updates automatically when the job is created.

  • Subheader text – the subheader text that appears below the main Header text. Like with the Header text, we advise you not to change this since currently there is a placeholder, {JobLocation}, that updates automatically for each job created.  

  • Cover photo - option to upload a cover photo that will be applied to all jobs. You can have a different cover photo for the Job application page then you have for the rest of the pages on your site. This will make the application page more distinct and more recognizable than the rest of the pages on your site.

Under the Layout tab, you can change the layout of your application page Header section. 

In this example, you can see how the Layout and the Header photo are different for my Homepage and the Job application page Header. 


Job application page

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