With TalentLyft, we want to give our customers a complete solution for talent acquisition. As important as it is for your candidates to know who you are, as a company and as a potential employer, it is equally important for you to know who your visitors and potential candidates are.

Integrating your TalentLyft career site with Albacross, you will be able to track who your career site visitors are before they even apply for a position. They are maybe working for your competitors and are thinking about switching employers. Albacross can track, through the IP address of the visitor, their location, domain, and the company to which the domain is registered. 

How to install the Albacross tracking code on your TalentLyft career site

  • Sign in to Albacross.

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of your screen and go to Company details

  • Copy your Client ID

  • Open your TalentLyft app.

  • Go to Profile - Integrations.

  • Click on Albacross Settings and paste the Client ID.

  • Click Save and you are ready to track events on your careers page with Albacross!


  • Keeps you informed if your competitors are researching your company

  • Learn from which industry your visitors come from and what interests them¬†

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