Sourced candidates and the ones imported from a legacy ATS will not appear on the Needs to be deleted list immediately, even though you don't have their Data policy and Retention period consents. This is because, in such cases, legitimate interest is the base for you to use their personal data. These candidates will be placed on the Needs to be deleted list when:

  • The job they applied for is archived or
  • The inactivity period has expired.

GDPR states that you can use someone's personal data if you have a legitimate interest. In this case, your legitimate interest is your intention to hire the person. However, because legitimate interest is not something that is strictly defined, we should avoid relying on it as a basis for personal data usage and retention. When you add candidates to your TalentLyft account, you should immediately ask them to give you their Privacy policy and Retention period consents according to the instructions in this article

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